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Great for the youngest of beginners and advanced beginners, use Scratch to program interactive stories, make super fun games -- and easily share with others online.

Parents: Learn more at and please setup an account for your CoderDojo Ninja at so they can save their work. (Follow the "Join Scratch" link in the upper-right corner.)

App Inventor

Mobile App development using Scratch-like Block Editor. Get started today at

Also, check out the "App Inventor for social innovation" curriculum at

Parents: To use App Inventor, your CoderDojo Ninja needs access to a free account. Please create one at and be prepared to help your Ninja login during Events.


Build and code an Arduino or Raspberry Pi based Robot to explore the library, and test its abilities in a Balloon Battle or Robot Sumo Wrestling.

We are building autonomous-ish robots similar to the example in the excellent guides created by Bill of DroneBot Workshop.

Learn more about these builds at Robotics_Learning_Materials

Of course, robots are good for fun:

Algorithmic Art -- Audio and Visual

Make Music and Sounds

Write code to make sounds with Sonic Pi.

Get started with tutorials at and

Take a look at other Sonic Pi projects at[]=music

Visual Art

Impressive Visuals are surprisingly simple to create with coding tools like Processing.

Bring Machine Creativity to life!

Visuals are a fun platform for learning sophisticated things like Math and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Take a look at the works of Robbie Barrat for inspiration.

Modeling for 3D and 2D (CAD and CAM)

Learn to use tools like Tinkercad and Fusion 360 to design for building real physical things, which can be 3D printed or laser-cut with the free-to-use equipment in the Innovation Lab at the library.

Note: Tinkercad is free, and Fusion 360 is free for students and non-commercial hobbyists.

Something Else - Python, Java, Web, AP

Java, Python, Web, Robotics, Computer Science Advanced Placement (AP) Studies...

Want to learn something not covered in another session? We can help. Tell us what it is, and we will set you on the right path.