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Welcome to CoderDojo Saint Paul Shared Knowledge!

About CoderDojo Saint Paul

CoderDojo Saint Paul is a free Coding Club for young people (K-12) in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. (BTW: We call the learners Ninjas.)

No experience or equipment necessary to attend.

When do we meet? Monthly September through May (and sometimes June), from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM on select Saturdays.

Where do we meet? At the George Latimer Central Library, a public library in downtown Saint Paul.

Where do we register for Events? On our club's listing at

Is it necessary to register for Events? Yes. To ensure our Events are equipped with needed equipment and Mentors to help Ninjas, participants must register.

To receive email notifications when event registrations open, join the Google Group at

What should one take to an Event? One need not take any equipment. Our Event locations have computer stations for coding, as well as all other equipment any given session needs, e.g., small electronics and robotics.

If you have a laptop to use, please bring it and let us know. The more Ninjas that bring their own computers, the more other Ninjas can attend. (The library has about 20 computers and laptops, and a lot more desk spaces for us to use.)

To save work, please bring a USB stick, or have access to email or other online account.

Parents of Ninjas under 13-years-old: Please stay for the entire event. Learn coding with your child, or peruse the nearby bookshelves.

Don't see a session on the topic you were hoping for? Not sure what to explore or where to start? Email us at -- we can help!

Who runs CoderDojos? Volunteers like you! Join our Dojo or email us to sign up to Mentor or help with coordination.

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Learning Materials for the Technologies explored at Events (More Also Coming Soon 🙄)

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